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01 Financing Solutions

We offer financing solutions to our customers and partners to facilitate trade and investment in the commodities market.

02 Risk Management

We offer risk management solutions to our customers, helping them manage price risks and fluctuations in the commodities market.

03 Photovoltaic Plants

The adoption of photovoltaic plants has been increasing worldwide as countries strive to transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

04 Oil and Gas Trading

We engage in the trading of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas, both at the physical and financial levels.

05 Energy Efficiency

We provide adjuvants for fossil fuels that makes them more effective and less polluting for our environment. up to 25% improvement + antibacterial protection.

06 Large Battery Storage

Storage systems designed to store excess energy generated during periods of low demand or high renewable energy production and release it when demand is high or renewable energy generation is low, enabling balance of the grid and stabilising power supply.

Welcome to PAD.Energy.

By leveraging our expertise and global network, we are dedicated to bridging the energy gap and creating opportunities for growth and progress.

About PAD

We believe that access to reliable, clean, and affordable energy is the cornerstone of social and economic development.


Our foremost aim is to achieve exemplary performance across our enterprise by adopting a comprehensive strategy for operational excellence. This encompasses the expansion of our vendor and customer networks, the optimization of our expenditure base, and the enhancement of our realisations.


Our primary objective is to expand our operations through organic growth by exploring opportunities within our current portfolio. Additionally, we aim to acquire appealing and complementary assets within the natural resources sector that enhance the value of our portfolio.

Responsible enterprise

As a responsible enterprise, our primary focus is on achieving zero harm, minimizing our environmental footprint, and promoting social inclusion throughout our operations. To ensure that our activities generate sustainable value for our stakeholders, we have implemented robust management systems and processes.


Our organisation regards our employees as a valuable competitive advantage and our most significant asset. We cultivate a culture that promotes diversity and inclusivity, and we offer a secure, healthy, and fulfilling work environment that presents prospects for advancement.


We shall endeavor to be a responsible and benevolent member of the communities in which we reside and operate by extending our success through acts of volunteerism, charitable donations, and by providing economic support as a responsible employer.


Our organisation regards our stakeholders as esteemed partners, with whom we strive to provide exceptional operational performance, prudent capital management, and sustainable value over the long term, all based on a solid foundation of robust governance and ethical principles.


We are taking measures to ensure that the highest-ranking officials within the organization possess the necessary resources, expertise, and frameworks to optimise the safety performance of their respective departments, surpassing the mere adherence to pertinent safety regulations.


We adopt state-of-the-art technologies, sophisticated analytics, and market intelligence to augment our services and optimize our operations.

What we do

We deploy infrastructure, logistics and financing to address energy development and access challenges in order to facilitate a sustainable and thriving energy future

Fossil Fuels

Acting as fossil fuels commodities traders, we are intermediaries who buy and sell crude oil, natural gas, and other energy products in Africa. We play a vital role in the continent's energy sector, as we facilitate the trade and transportation of these resources across borders and markets. We also provide price discovery, risk management, and market liquidity for both producers and consumers of energy in Africa.

Re Energy

Sustainable energy solutions are essential for the development and well-being of Africa, a continent that faces many challenges such as poverty, climate change, and energy insecurity. Acting as a sustainable energy solutions provider, Pad.Energy offers innovative and affordable ways to generate, distribute, and use clean and renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and biomass. By providing sustainable energy solutions, we can help improve the quality of life, health, education, and economic opportunities for countries who lack access to reliable and modern energy services. Sustainable energy solutions can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation, and contribute to the global efforts to combat climate change.

Battery Storage

One of the challenges of renewable energy sources like solar and wind is that they are intermittent and depend on weather conditions. To overcome this problem, energy storage systems can be used to store excess power when production is high and release it when demand is high. One of the most promising technologies for energy storage is battery storage, which can provide fast and flexible response to grid fluctuations.

Performance Additives

Performance additives are utilised to enhance the characteristics of gasoline and diesel fuels, thereby improving engine performance and longevity. Contemporary engines, which are compact and sophisticated, are particularly susceptible to issues such as fouling, which can lead to reduced engine performance and longevity, increased fuel consumption, and elevated emissions of carbon dioxide and pollutants. The incorporation of high-quality fuels with additives is likely the most efficacious approach to counteracting the adverse effects of fouling, primarily due to the presence of detergent additives. A premium fuel with additives can be employed for both remedial and preventative purposes.


While it is crucial to address the environmental concerns associated with fossil fuels, it is also important to recognise that technological advancements can mitigate their negative impacts. Implementing strict regulations and standards for the use of fossil fuels can help minimise environmental damage.

  • This includes measures such as reducing emissions;
  • Implementing efficient extraction techniques; and
  • Enforcing proper waste management practices.

Investing in clean technologies and carbon capture and storage methods can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel usage. These technologies aim to capture and store carbon dioxide emissions, preventing them from entering the atmosphere.

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Our Regional Offices

We have a dedicated team of professionals who are ready to assist you with any inquiries or requests.al.


Key factors why our customers choose PAD.

ReliabilityOur customers work with us to ensure goods delivered on time, in the right quantity and quality, and at the agreed price. We are also handling any unforeseen challenges or risks that may arise in the volatile and complex commodity markets.

expertiseOur customers want to work with a partner that has deep knowledge and experience in the specific commodity sector they are interested in. Our expertise enables us to provide valuable insights, advice, and solutions to help business customers optimise their operations, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

PAD enforces robust security protocols to protect your funds and personal information.

Financial Stability

Backed by reputable international banks, our company is financially stable and provides a secure and reliable trading environment.

Geographical Reach

Our customers always consider the company’s reach and whether we provide access to the commodity markets they are interested in, especially when they plan to trade in international markets.


PAD is transparent in its dealings, terms, and conditions. No hidden fees or unclear policies.

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An independent commodity trading company

African market presence
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Range of activities

Our services cover a wide range of activities related to trading and logistics of commodities


Tailored solutions that not only meet your energy needs but also drive efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact



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  • Wind Energy
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal Energy
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